Recommendation to create a new post

I had been watching TVB for a long time, which is the default TV channel at home. I am graduate as a Honor Student in Psychology, so I had an idea/recommendation to the management of TVB: To create a post specifically for investigating Psychology of the customer? Currently, both ATV and TVB are relying on unprofessional method of estimating audience’s reaction via a small sample of audience, or just commentary from media(neither of them are objective.) Why can’t TVB led the competitor by opening a customer psychology department focus on estimating reaction of audience?
There are enormous advantage confer by this new post. One application for this department is: Why can’t we have context sensitive advertisement tiled specifically for the emotion/mood experienced by the audience after a show, just like Google Adsense? With trained eyes like me that can reliably foretell the feeling/emotion of different subset of audiences toward different segment if a TV program, advertisement could dramatically increase their effect. I would appreciate given a chance to explain my idea in detail.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 1 一月, 2008.


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