Age Differential Hypothesis

Each society has its unique sociological environment which its younger generations and older  generations live through. Ideally, that would be the best for all of them. However, it is only a more permissive environment and under certain conditions which allow each generations to live in accordance to its biological/psychological needs; otherwise some generations will have to live with its dominant generation. A case in point is to due to its physical and economic constraints, most Hong Kong citizen are live in a homogeneous environment as compared to higher variability of in USA. Thus the culture that is shaped for the dominant generation thus has the strongest influence  to all generations in Hong Kong. It maybe claimed that in the unique sociological constraints in Hong Kong, the emotional/intellectual attributes across the generations are more similar as compare to other places, just different biological expression of similar behavioral patterns in according to their age. For instance, Internet access is availability cheaply and widely for most part of Hong Kong; thus younger generation may use it to email and chat with their friends, writing blogs; while older generation also use it to email and chat with their friends, writing blogs. The only difference is the content of their action, but not the overall intend, purpose and effect of their behavior. However, Internet technologies are essential dominant by younger generation, and the older generation who use it for similar purpose may have to adjust to the change that brought by the younger generation in the sense that many I.T. firm cater their business toward the younger generation. Thus, like it or not, the younger generation thus exert a stronger influence on the older generation in this aspect of their life. It is only unusual that the top post in Hong Kong government are often dominated by 40’s instead of 20’s-30’s in most countries(?), thus in the aspect of political, that cohort has exert the strongest influence to all generation in Hong Kong.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 25 五月, 2008.


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