Hypothesis on the Electrical Generation Process

It remain a puzzle to me that why a steady electrical current could produce a stable magnetic field in an electromagnetic coil while it require a variable magnetic field to produce a steady electrical current. Here is my hypothesis on how that happen.
When a steady magnetic flux is passing through a metallic object, the outlying electrons of atoms would thus ally its axis of rotation in the same direction as the magnetic flux. Since electrons are only rotating within the bond of atoms, therefore no electrical current is produced. Now when the magnetic flux has changed its direction, that means the electrons would either increase/decrease its speed of rotation. Similar to how objects placed on a spinning wheel would fly off to the side when the wheel speed up or slow down ‘suddenly’, thus the change of magnetic flux would induce the change of speed of the electrons spinning around the atom, so some electrons may gain enough kinetic energy to move freely as electrical current. As the outlying electrons fly off the atoms, those atom would carry net-positive charge. Therefore although individual electrons in that atom still ally their direction of spin to the magnetic flux, the atom as a whole would produced a magnetic field opposing the incoming magnetic flux. That is how Lenz’s Law produce its effect microscopically. Thus more rapid the change of the external magnetic flux, more electrical current produced as more outlying electrons from atoms fly off.
But how is ‘suddenly’ defined here? I hypothesize that there is a quantized speed for accelerate and decelerate the rotational speed of outlying electrons, which is a property of the electromagnetic field within the atoms. There is an upper limit for the capacity of atomic electrons to accelerate and decelerate the rotational speed of outlying electrons. If that limit is exceeded through the change of external magnetic flux, the outlying electrons are fly off as electrical current. Or maybe if the rate of accelerate and decelerate the rotational speed of outlying electrons is not a multiple of quantized rotational speed of outlying electron, then we would see electrical current produced; otherwise the atom would just adjusting its rotational speed of outlying electron without any electrons fly off. Therefore it strike me as there may exist an optimal way to produce electrical current for individual metals.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 26 五月, 2008.



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