More thoughts on Electrical Generation Process

According to my last hypothesis here, external magnetic flux passing through an atom would increase or decrease the rotational speed of outlying electrons of the atom. The original idea is not seeing magnetic flux as powerful enough to accelerate and decelerate the rotational speed of electrons in their orbit; it is about increase or decrease the speed of spinning of the electrons. However, then we would face the question of how does the increase and decrease of the speed of spinning of the electrons related to electrons escaped from the control of atomic nucleus; so I adopt an easy way: Taking the analogy of roundabout almost literally. What if we adopt the original thought, how could we explain the phenomena of electrical generation through metallic atoms exposed to variable magnetic field?
That would a bit more explanation than the roundabout analogy. As we observed that almost everything in the universe posses both spin and rotational momentum around another objects. Take the example of Earth, it is rotating about the sun and spinning at the same time. My thought is the spinning of Earth is coherent with the rotation of Earth about the Sun. Could we imagine what happen if we place a sphere in the edge roundabout, and the roundabout start spinning? The sphere would rotate about the central of the roundabout as well as spinning. Now what if we applied a large torque to increase/decrease the spinning of the sphere? Due to the inertia of the sphere, there would be some resistance about the sudden change of state of motion. This resistance maybe the root cause of Lenz’s Law: That the conservation of angular momentum of electrons would act against the increase/decrease of the speed of spinning of electrons. Now what happen if that change is large enough? The sphere would fly off from the roundabout just like projectile.
Taking this analogy back to atoms. As we applied a strong magnetic flux through it, the outlying electrons would increase/decrease the speed of spinning in the same direction which it enter. In the case which the outlying electrons increase the speed of spinning, there may exists an upper limit of how much increase per unit of time could be tolerate in each orbit, therefore those increase in a rate greater than this limit would have more than enough kinetic energy to stay in the orbit. Similarly, which the outlying electrons decrease the speed of spinning, there may exists an upper limit of how much decrease per unit of time could be tolerate in each orbit, therefore those increase in a rate greater than this limit would have less than enough kinetic energy to stay in the orbit. In both cases, the spin of electrons are thus become asynchronous/incoherent. with it rotation around the nucleus. Therefore some outlying electrons may detach from the atoms if the change is large enough in an instant. What we should said is the probability of outlying electrons detaching from the atom is directly correlate to the amount of change of both strength and polarity of external magnetic flux per unit of time. Those electrons which run-away from the control of nucleus is how generator are capable of generating electrical current.
Now if we go back to the original hypothesis, and thinking in the light of Einstein’s discovery of the rules beneath photoelectric effect. We could see how similar are the phenomena Photoelectric effect and electrical generation due to Lenz’s Law, so it would be legitimate to ask the following question: Since there exists an optimal way to emit electrons out of the metal, shouldn’t there also exists an optimal pattern of change of magnetic flux to eject electrons from metallic atom in the process of Electrical Generation Process? Is that why we would we have the relationship between Voltage, Current and Resistance? Taken these two phenomena as literally identical, would we see the change of magnetic field as identical to photons hitting the metallic atoms? How far we can take this analogy? What is the similarity and dissimilarity between the two phenomena?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 29 五月, 2008.


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