The corollary of theory of Rotational Relativity

Because rotation is essentially how all the object move in the universe. The stars is organize in the universe which it rotating in the smallest system, then the smaller system is rotating in the larger system, and the larger system is rotating in the even larger system, until which the whole universe is rotating around its central axis.
Thus base on that theory, we can predict that each electrons experience multiple layers of Universal Magnetic Field. First it experience the weakest effect from its own motion in the universe, then it experience a stronger effect from the largest system which it do the rotation around the universe, then it experience a yet stronger effect from the larger system which it rotate around the largest system… etc.
Another prediction from this theory is that, all electrons of the universe are organized by this Universal Magnetic Field as a whole. The change of direction of spinning of any electrons which immediately change the status of electrons in the whole universe. Thus, the electrons in the universe are in constant interaction with each other as a whole(The whole is contained in each individual, and individual is contained in the whole).

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 30 五月, 2008.


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