An idea for all Restaurant

It is not easy to compete against other restaurant, in Hong Kong and in anywhere in the world. You have to provide the food that is better than what customer expected from the price of the meal, and you have to provide it in a timely manner. However, one thing I notice from my dine-out experience in Hong Kong is due to the shortage of waiter/waitress; when my meal arrived at my table, it is no longer hot and sizzling. This certainly decrease the enjoyment of many customer who demand a quality meal. Whatever how delicious is your food, if it weren’t delivered to customer on time, you are not a good impression on the customer. The reason that happen often in Hong Kong is because of the salary of waiter/waitress: To cut down on the expense, many restaurant manager decided to reduce the number of waiter/waitress they hired, and increase the number of table each waiter/waitress served. I don’t see it as a wise solution to the restaurant. I think there are ways to improve the quality of dine-out experience without increase the expense of restaurant.
To this idea I must credit my father of first dreaming up that. His solution is create an automated traffic network on the ceiling of the restaurant: Whatever the food is ready, the cook just place the dishes in the box, enter the corresponding no. of the location of the table demanded the food, then it will be delivered to that table. All is happen within minute. So the customer will get their meal just minute after it is made, there is no need for to wait until the waiter/waitress is available, and walk across the restaurant to deliver the food. Then we will have to assume that the waiter/waitress who can accurately remember who in which table ordered the food. The situation is make worse by restaurant who love to pack the tables as close as possible(thereby to increase the maximum number of seat available.) Apparently, it is not a concern of the manager to deliver the food on time while minimize the disturbance to other customer. But this idea could both save the cost and the expense of operating the restaurant, since the cost of building and maintain this traffic network would certainly no more than the combined salaries of all waitress/waiter specialize in delivering food. And now waitress and waiter could focus on improving the quality of dinning experience by chatting with the customer. This should be what customer expected of a restaurant: Quality food to be delivered on time.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 3 六月, 2008.


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