An open letter to President Ma of Republic of China

Hello President Ma of Republic of China, the only elected president for all Chinese in the world,

I must congratulate you for winning the election against Chan of Democratic Progressive Party. You are doing the Chinese race a great favor by removing such a dangerous, incompetent and corrupt president from the office. Your winning represent that the traditional Chinese virtue of kindness, loyalty, polite/considerate, wisdom, truthfulness has not yet abandoned by Chinese living in Taiwan. Because you understand Taiwan has a special status in the Chinese all over the world as the central of Traditional Chinese culture, the root which define what Chinese is. And Mr. Chan’s strategy of detach Republic of China from the core Chinese culture is undermining this line of defense in the mind of Chinese. Chinese Communist Party, which is historically hostile to traditional Chinese culture, is covertly hoping that Mr. Chan could de-convert Chinese to non-Chinese, thereby Chinese Communist Party would have excellent excuse for the invasion of Republic of China which no Chinese would come to the aid of Republic of China. However, as we all learn from the history of the Chinese Communist Party, its intention to re-united China under the flag of Chinese Communist Party would never cease. However, this is about the only card that Republic of China can play given the economy of Republic of China is depended heavily on Communist China but not vice versa. Do you want to be the last president of Republic of China? Or do you want a better chance for China to united under a true democratic and republican political system?

To have a better position for the negotiation with Communist China, it is necessary for Republic of China to have its own source of food and water supply, and most importantly, a source of supply of energy that doesn’t rely on the goodwill of Communist China most be found to maintain not just the economy but the daily operation of the country. Given the influence of Communist China is increased as backed by its growing economy, it become a critical question of how Republic of China survival without relying on the wimps of Communist China. Suppose in the not so distant future that Republic of China is having a dispute with People’s Republic of China, Communist China could easily block the access of Taiwan Strait, then there is nothing Republic of China can do except pleading for the help of International Community and Oversea Chinese. How many friends Republic of China made in the International Community that are willing to come to aid of Republic of China?
The biggest strategic disadvantage of Republic of China is that it has few natural resources, especially those who are necessary for the generation of electricity. And electricity is the blood of operation of the whole country. Out of this strategic need of Republic of China, I here provide a method to produce electricity unlimited from electromagnetic field without the need of fuels, that is already verified by Japan Patenting Authority. If Republic of China maintain to provide all its energy needs without the need of import, then it could increase its competitiveness of its economy and increase the national productivity. In any event of blockage by Communist China, Republic of China could withstand that for a longer time, thus buying more time for Republic of China to win the world opinion. Given that the price of oil and natural resources are increasing every year, this invention could tilt the level toward Republic of China in long terms.

I thereby ask President Ma of Republic of China, which is the only elected president for all Chinese in the world, to seriously consider my proposal.

Sincerely with all my heart,
A Chinese citizen living in Hong Kong

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 7 六月, 2008.

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