How to make you wishes come true?

This is just personal experience, I can’t guarantee anything.

To make a wish come true, we must first realize this is a unconscious function, therefore it follow all the rules lied down by Freud and Carl Jung on the unconscious functioning. There are always thousands, if not millions of desires and wishes that is actively looking for fulfillment. We can imagine if one can eliminate the number of wishes in the unconscious by understand himself better through psychoanalysis and other psychological technique, then the remaining wishes has more ‘psychical’ energy, in a sense.

We could took advantage of the transition of state of consciousness to works its magic. Since we know that there are virtually no wish just when you fell asleep, or just when you wake up; therefore that is the best chance to make a wish. The charge behind the psychical energy is the emotional energy invest in it. Also make sure that your wording is concise and concrete, leave as little ambiguity as possible since unconscious doesn’t have the cognitive ability to distinguish between truthhood and falsehood.

To further improve the chance of wish-fulfillment, you can do some simple breathing exercise to clean your mind. One of the simplest one is just hold your breath and count to ten, and repeat it ten times. When you complete, your mind should be as clear as crystal, then is your best time to make a wish!

Try it at home and tell me your result!

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 9 六月, 2008.


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