Conscious, Unconscious and Tao

When Freud first envision his theory of human psychology, he has the idea of conscious and unconscious but he doesn’t realize the usage of the word Unconscious could erupted into heated debate inside the Psychoanalytic circle. I had another article in Chinese talked about similar controversy when his theory is transplanted to Chinese culture, the central problem in this and that are the same: Shall we consider Unconscious is categorically different from Conscious, or Conscious and Unconscious are merely different state of Conscious, that is Unconscious is just outside Conscious?
In the first sense, Unconscious is being something that is just different from Conscious because it is operated by a different principle: For instance, Freud asserted that Unconscious doesn’t differentiate between opposite(like Yang and Ying), much the same way as opposite elements are both operate by Tao according to Taoism. Therefore there is a categorically differentiation between the operation of Conscious and Unconscious. So in this sense, they are like oil and water, they simply don’t mix. However, Conscious and Unconscious can still communicate because they share some similarity(Tao is inclusive of the opposite.)
In the later sense, Unconscious is included as part of Psychological Space, just being rejected/censored by Conscious(to be emotionally correct.) Therefore the thoughts and feelings originally formed in Conscious in according to the rules and parameters of the operation of Conscious. Therefore there is no different in nature of the thought/feel objects in Conscious and in Unconscious. Just the same thing placed in different places. So the operation of the psyche, the Tao, is running throughout the psyche; there is no need to have separate rules and parameters for each part of psyche. The mind operated as a mind according to Tao.
Could that also be, in the later case, Conscious thought/feeling objects had transformed into Unconscious thought/feeling objects? Thus Conscious and Unconscious are operated differently in one sense(of the nature of thought/feeling object), but they are united in another sense
(of the nature of psychological space). Things are different but the same, which is the idea of Tao. Is mind the best example of the operation of Tao?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 12 六月, 2008.

一個回應 to “Conscious, Unconscious and Tao”

  1. everything is visible for the one willing to see!

    freud formulated his concept in an hysteric area where emotions got repressed for the sake of society “fitting"!

    other more humanistic or transpersonal approches dont divide the humans into this categorys but speak more of the field of perception!

    to me…the tao of therapy means…does the energy flow or stuck+how to bring awarness in those process!everything is allready there…waiting to be expirienced!


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