Evolution and Psychohistory

The disciple of Psychohistory function somewhat like Social Psychology, it is about predicting group behavior as a whole. The difference is which later doesn’t claim to have the capability of foreseeing the future, rather it is about observe and generalize from existing behavior of the mass; while the former is about extrapolating existing behavior of the mass to the future.
Evolution is, in a sense, about the future of the group by observing the changed happen in the past. Again, much like Social Psychology, it doesn’t claim to able to make sweeping generalization from its theory on the level of individual. We could only to infer result of Evolution on the group as a whole. However since Evolution is ‘intended’ to work on the level of the species as a while, however, the main vehicle which that evolution it happen is through genes of individual, therefore only manifest itself through certain behavioral tendencies on the individual level. That is also the level which Psychology
come into play, therefore it is difficult to discern the effect of Evolution at work in individual level. That is also the level which Psychohistory manifest itself, though it is too minimal to observe.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 13 六月, 2008.



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