Improve you wishmaking power

In my last article I discuss about how to improve the chance of wish become true, that is simply and straightforward. Another method I recommend here is similar in vein with the last suggestion. To improve the wishing power, we need to devise method with the effect of clearing the mind. Regulated breathing is one way, another way is by minimize the information load of the brain/mind.

So my recommendation is to take a period which you can be completely ‘off the hook’. Since the brain is built for processing information, it would impractical if I suggest you to not doing anything related to information. What we can do is to minimize the duration and frequency of your exposure to anything informational. Translated to real life is do NOT watch TV, browse the Internet or reading newspaper/magazine, avoid anything has to do with verbal processing. Then depending on the level of information pollution in your city/country, your mind would begin to clear off the junk(spam) information. The receptivity of unconscious message and sending of unconscious message would gradually increase(wish-making power), you may also had vivid dream.

Notice we are taking neurological route for the explanation of parapsychological phenomena here: We suppose there is a limit of working capacity of each brain cell, we can also quantify the amount of information we have in the environment, and the Unconscious is which provide a channel/interface between Physical and Psychological world. It thus follows that if we reduce the amount of workload devoted to (pointless) processing of (junk) information, the brain cell would have more time and resource to process the unconscious function and less interfere from the processing of information(which confuse the unconscious), therefore improve the efficiency of one of the most important function of unconscious.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 14 六月, 2008.


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