Alternative Hypothesis for Repression Process

In Freudian Psychology, Repression is said to be actively maintain by Superego to prevent thoughts that is in violation of social norms and personal values from entering the conscious. Now that would require an omniscient Superego that monitor every thought in and out of the Conscious, and that consume enomerous amount of energy from psyche to check every thought one have. For those creative people, their mind produce over a million thoughts a day, that would certainly put strain on the psychological activity.
I have an alternative hypothesis about what cause thoughts to be rejected from the Conscious: Due to the nature of thought-object themselves. It maybe part of nature of psyche that similar thoughts attract and different thoughts repel. So it is the nature of thought-ecosystem in individual mind which cause the unpleasant thought/emotion from departing the Conscious. Thus it is not necessary for this thought-ecosystem for knowing the context of each of the thoughts in order to filter the unwanted thought. For instance, since the psyche can’t tolerate present of emotional energy that is too strong, then an automatic response is to expel that thought-emotion-object from the psyche. In a sense, it expel itself instead of semi-sentential awareness to examine individual thought and decide which thought stay in Conscious and which is not. Thus we no longer need the construct of Superego as an omniscient entity in the mind. With this hypothesis, we can reformulate all phenomenas termed by Freudian psychology.
What are your opinion on this alternative hypothesis on Process of Repression?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 22 六月, 2008.


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