Observation in pornography

Sex sells other than its stimulating nature, it is also because it is taboo in many cultures. Therefore according to Freudian Psychology, jokes are a way for the release of pent up psychic energy. Similarly, pornography sells not just because it is sex, it is also about cultural taboo. Therefore my obersevation is that while in conservative culture like Chinese, any amount of exposure of female body is already enough to prompt the mass to buy; while in non-conservative culture like America, it would require more preversion against cultural norm to elicit same strength of response as in Chinese culture. Because the cultural norm there is about equality of man and woman, therefore these pornography depict bonday, mistreatment, torture sells in the same way of pictures of naked woman sells in China.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 24 六月, 2008.



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