Paranoid and Modern Chinese mentality

Paranoid is the state of mind which one is felt s/he is threaten by everyone other than himself. In his mind, everyone is plotting something against him, so his feeling of being threaten is justified by suspicious actions of other. In Psychology, it is a state of mind which a person is afraid of everything, or it is necessary for him to felt scared of everything. Neurologically speaking, it is the case which the neurological circuit to produce the sense of fear has been overactive and hyper-sensitive to any stimulate. The top-down process dominate over bottom-up process in Cognitive process.

Such a psychological state is perhaps the one most extensively abuse by politician throughout the world, especially in Communist China. Due to recent history of being invaded and raped throughly by Western imperial powers, the politician in Chinese Communist Party love to infer the cause of any domestic disturbance with a foreign cause, it is not just helping them to safely remove the blame from themselves, it also magically increase the level of solidiarty among the comrade. The logic is: They never bore any good will toward Chinese. They have threaten us before, and they are threaten us now, and they will threaten us in the future. Therefore any dissidence in the country must be incited/influenced/remotely-controlled/rewarded by hostile foriegn powers. Chinese must not be raped by other races(so they are available for Chinese to rape!)

This is accurate to a certain extent which Western powers doesn’t like the lack of democracy and freedom of Chinese. This is also historically accurate given the context of Cold War. However, the past has gone, and democracy also means that the Western power are often divided in their altitudes and opinions toward Chinese. By adopting this altitude, Chinese Communist Party is ensure that it would always received with hostility but not hospitality. Is that Chinese Communist Party can only rule Chinese by fear/hatred and hostility of other nations?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 24 六月, 2008.


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