Further Development of Euler’s Coil

(Original at: http://eulertruthbible.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/eulers-coils-foundation-mcssf-and-its-extension/)

Euler’s Coil Technology is essentially the ways which electromagnetic coil arranged could affect its mutual inductance of the system as all. We can manipulate that to cause an imbalance of inductance in the magnetization of those electromagnetic coils, and the Back EMF caused by inductance in the demagnetization of those electromagnetic coils, so to harvest extra electrical/magnetic energy from the system. What I originally thought of is not using electromagnetic coil but the question: We all know that a magnetic field is weaken by distances, what if we feedback the magnet field from a field-emitting object back to itself? Does that achieve an strengthening effect on original field-emitting object itself?
Only now does I know that it is already been discovered in electromagnetism as the ‘Close-Loop’ Effect’
, the magnetic field is stronger when placed near an object that would produce an induction effect. In a sense, the presence of field-responding object has create self-reinforcing circle of reinforcement of these magnetic fields.

Now what if we added the effect of Parallel Path Technology into that? i.e. If we have more than one close -loop that feedback to its original magnetic field-emitting object., wouldn’t able to strengthening the magnetic field further? Moreover, if Euler’s Coil is arranged in such a way that some receiving coils are under the influence of more than one electromagnetic coils (i.e. For instance, in this arrangement). It is possible that the source electromagnetic coil would interacting with more than one electromagnetic coil, so it get more than one source of feedback. Suppose we arranged all of them that would mutually reinforce the effect of varying the polarity of one end of electromagnetic coil, would that theoretically further increase the effect of Euler’s Coil, thus we could increase the extra electrical energy harvest from this invention?


~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 六月 28, 2008.



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