A mechanism for Charge multiplier?

(This is an idea from Euler, reprinted with permission, my thought to why couldn’t we arranged the metal plate in a circle so the electrostatic field reinforce each other? Also another technicalities which Euler has ignored is the mechanism to keep other plates electrically neutral, and does that mechanism require energy to maintain its operation? It especially looks like an development from MCSSF.
The original illustration is here, here and here.)

Background/Development of Idea:

Consider a simple capacitor, when we charged it to +Q then the capacitor is carrying Q charges. Now suppose we can ‘fuse’ another identical uncharged capacitor to this charged capacitor, what will happen?

What will happen is instead of +Q charges, the charges would raised to +2Q. Now assume we can repeat this process for N times so then we have +NQ charges. We could then discharge and feedback this amount of charges into the first capacitor. Then the process restart again from +NQ until N2 Q . We can repeat this process as much as we want until the capacitor reach it’s maximum charging capacity. And the amount of electrical charge, thereby the content of electrical energy has been amplified without costing the user any extra energy.

Summary & Discussion:

The process of amplification of electrical energy is as followings: First electricity from a source is feed into the first compartment of a device which used to held charges, then the controlling mechanism deactivate the field blocking mechanism between first and second compartment. The second compartment is made of material sensitive to electrical field which respond by forming a comparable electrical field. Alternatively, we can have two independent devices for holding the charges(without the need for inputing extra energy to maintain the charge of either one) as the first and second compartment, which in this case the second independent device is move closer to the first. But the charges in both compartment of device are not allow to move across the boundary of device/compartment. In either case, the purpose is for the second device/compartment to respond to the presence of electrical field by forming an electrical field either the same or higher strength using simple electrostatic induction principle. This process is repeated until we get a desirable One Time amplification ratio(o). At the end of the first turn, all charge are discharged using a discharging mechanism or device. Now since each charges carrying the identical amount of electrical energy content, this process is thus increase the overall electrical energy content. And if we are still not satisfy with the amplification of electrical charge/energy for this time, we can feedback the new amount of electrical charge/energy as the source and repeat this process recursively until the final amplification ratio (f) is satisfactory to us.

Claim:The system in its entirety with at least all its essential components each for the purpose stated above and together as a whole for the purpose of magnification of electrical energy through simple electrostatic induction take place in recursive manner.

Related Claims:



Electrical Energy Amplification System as a critical component in powering every Self-Sustainable process


  1. Simple to construct.

  2. Effective in its purpose.

  3. Energy saving.


  1. The efficiency of field separation mechanism.

  2. The timing of control mechanism.

  3. The control of feedback process.

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