My thoughts on a thought experiment

The thought experiment I am referring is proposed by euler in here. It challenge the very idea of energy conservation in the process of electrical generation. Since we often think of generation of electricity using induced magnetic flux change in electromagnetic coil is a conversion process, which kinetic energy of the process of creating the magnetic flux change is converted into electrical energy. That experiment intended to prove otherwise.

My thought here is on how to improve that experiment with respect to the technicalities of that experiment. One technicality is the timing for turning on and off the electromagnetic coils: In case which the extra kinetic energy from the repulsion between the coil and swinging magnet would merely slow down the approach of the swinging magnet; in other case which that kinetic energy is helping to push swinging magnet downward. My suggestion is to use multiple independent electromagnetic coils arranged in a n*n square with only one end to face the poles approaching swinging magnet. This is applying Euler’s Coil’s principle to increase the strength of repulsion force, thus the kinetic energy given by the electrical generation process. Theoretically, that would decrease the time needed for the electromagnetic coil to be switched on.

My another design suggestion is instead of placing one electromagnetic coil at the highest point which the swinging magnet reach, we can place many electromagnetic coil along the rim of the circle(i.e. the trajectory of the swinging magnet). Only when the swinging magnet reach certain height then we activate those electromagnetic coils, what we intended to achieve here is the vector sum of all repelling forces from the electromagnetic coil has the effect of pushing the magnet upward in its original direction of motion. Then the electromagnetic coils are immediately shut off. Now, if the timing is excellent, we should have the swinging magnet has more kinetic energy after electrical energy is generated. That would pose more difficulties to the view that electrical generation is an energy conversion process, and allow us more choice to interact with the movement of the swinging magnet along its pathway.

My last design suggestion is to connect the electromagnetic coils in the left and right using even/odd number of independent electromagnetic coil. The purpose is to create a pull effect on one side of the swinging magnet and a push effect on the other side of the swinging magnet, thus increase the reactionary kinetic energy of the swinging magnet when it is nearest to the electromagnetic coil. Thus, in theory, the swinging magnet would swing indefinitely.

In either cases of my improvement, the law of conservation of energy in electrical generation is violated if we accept the notion that generation of electricity is an energy conversion process.
It doesn’t matter the technicalities of each suggestions as long as there exists cases against this law.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 3 七月, 2008.


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