My fluid dynamic idea

Wed, May 18, 2005 at 1:20 PM

Now I approach this issue with a slightly different angle: Instead of
preventing the phenomena of air dragging, we utilize and control how
this object drag the air layer of its surrounding. How?
By making a spiral trajectory on the surface this object. Instead of
making the surface as smooth as possible, we carefully engrave the
surface of this object to form a path of least resistant in the shape
of spiral. Now when this object is moving forward, the layers of air
in the surrounding is NOT moving along with it, the air is flowing
according to the graving on the surface. As the air layer is rotating
with the object in the central, this circular motion would NOT in any
way slow down the forward action of the object. We would have a near
zero air friction in an ordinary environment.
The tenet of this concept is to CONTROL the air flow surrounding an
flying object by using GRAVING to provide a LEAST RESISTANT pathway.
In this implementation, the goal is simply to reduce air friction.
However, we could extend this concept in two directions:
1. Use the graving in combination of the motion of this object to
MANIPULATE the flow of air. We could essentially create a storm u
2. Use the graving in the combination of motion of this object to
MANIPULATE the flow of air, which in turn CHANGING the air pressure in
a way that favor the motion of this object.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 7 七月, 2008.


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