Speculation of 070905

Sat, Jul 9, 2005 at 1:07 PM

Consider a cylinder which is almost full of water. Now we use a rubber tube to rotate the water either clockwisely or anti-clockwisely. Then we observe a phenomena that Einstein claim to have his own explanation: the water near the external surface of the cylinder rise up, while the water close to center of radius fall down, thus forming a cone with the surface of water. As we all understand, centripetal force only provide axial acceleration, which acting only only the plane parallel to the bottom of cylinder, then why does the water fall progressively downward as it approach the center of radius?
Einstein’s explanation is that when we stir the water, the whole universe is helping in centrifugal the water, therefore we would see the water become cone shape. I consider this explanation to be wrong and inadequate.
The reason I consider this explanation to be wrong is because one of the principle states that the mass of Cosmo is approximately evenly distributed, therefore the attraction force of the Cosmo in any direction of the cylinder is even. The net force acting on an object must therefore be zero. If anyone bother to go through the Mathematics of that(classical mechanics), you will be certain that the water in the cylinder should NO behave in this way. Moreover, this presuppose that this phenomena would not happen in the middle of the Cosmo, which I consider is against common sense.
My hypothesis of this phenomena has something to do with gravity. The gravity has been diluted near the exterior of the cylinder, while gravity has increased near the center of radius. I consider this phenomena may also model the action of gravity: Gravity essentially cause spiraling of nearby ether by continuously providing a clockwise/ anti-clockwise torque to it. In here I consider this phenomena is literally equivalent to the phenomena of gravity. So gravity, at its heart, is a rotational motion we interpret as linear. i.e. mechanic of rotational kinetic maybe a better description of it.
In accordance to my hypothesis, anti-gravity is thus an equal torque acting on the space/ether which has identical strength but opposite direction of action. Interestingly, whether we rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, the center always go downward, and we can only deconstruct a spiral locally by providing the torque in opposite direction to local action.
This surely an inspiration to some, an non-sense to other.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 7 七月, 2008.



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