How to beat Lenz’s Law in electromagnetic induction?

Lenz’s Law is what cost kinetic energy to move the rotor in a Generator, namely electromagnetic coil resist any change on it by producing an electromagnetic field that opposite change. In the setting of transformer, it is what cost Primary energy.
In the Taoist philosophy, we heard of the idea of give-in to the demand in order to avoid the effect demand. Applied that in the case of Lenz’s Law, to fight the Lenz’s Law we would have to pretend that we give in to Lenz’s Law: That we vary the V-I of Primary in the same way that the electromagnetic coil as it respond to a constant electrical current, we should thus expect ‘the enemy of enemy is our friend’. Therefore logic dictate that when vary the electrical current in this fashion, Lenz’s Law is aiding the flow of electrical current instead of retarding it. i.e. We should have negative inductance when we applied the electrical current vary indirectly against time in the function of natural exponential function(or vary as though that time is flowing backward, to be technical.)

How does the classical electromagnetism explain this when extra energy is entering into the electromagnetic coil due to the variation of electrical current itself? (negative time* negative energy=positive energy?) Where does this extra energy coming from? Is that, in a sense, how the variation of electrical current of the Primary resonance with the natural parameter of Primary coil? What happen if we applied this variation to a traditional transformer?

Consider the case of Euler’s Coil when four electromagnetic coils are connected as a square when one end of electromagnetic coil is next to the beginning of another electromagnetic coil. Now suppose we pass the source coil with electrical current vary in negative exponential of time. It follow that the electromagnetic coil next to it would be induced to vary its electromagnetic field in the exactly opposite fashion. So the next next electromagnetic coil would be induced to vary its electromagnetic field in the same fashion as the source coil. Lastly, the next next next electromagnetic coil would be induced to vary its electromagnetic field in the exactly opposite fashion as the source coil. Notice this electromagnetic coil would attempt to induce the electromagnetic field of source electromagnetic coil to vary its original pattern. Thus a self-reinforcement circle is setup, the influence of each other added into each other, and inductance of each other added to the electrical energy each electromagnetic coil contain.


~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 七月 14, 2008.


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