How to have fun with China’s Great Firewall?

I have written two articles on how to circumvent China’s Firewall to filter out the corruption from the West except cash and gold. One direction of thinking is to minimize the efficiency of Firewall, retro it to almost non-existence. Another direction of thinking is maximize the extend of Great Firewall blocking unintended target. While the first is exploiting the weakness of the censorship software, the later is targeting the websites that is not intended for blocking. It is hoped that if it is disrupting enough to the surfing experience of Chinese Netizen, then there will be strong political pressure to disable it.
How? By pollute the website unrelated to censored topic with target word or phrase that would trigger the blocking response of the Firewall. The simplest and nastiest way is just to spam those website which allow posting of message. A more complex way is to insert these target word/phrase into any website that is normally allowed by China’s Great Firewall, maybe in a way not noticeable by browser. i.e. Inside the script or non-displaying html/php/perl code. (Or sending code from user’s computer to trigger the reaction from the Firewall.) Given hundreds or millions of computer are zombie in China, that shouldn’t be a difficult job for any talented hacker to do. Imagine the frustration the Netizen would have when s/he suddenly discover that 90% of the website s/he surf is blocked. Now, if there is no reliable for the Great Firewall to distinguish between its intended target and its non-intended target, that would crumble the Great Firewall.
Maybe it time for we to have fun with China’s Great Firewall. If that collapse because of you, then your contribution to progress of humanity is as great as Linus! Would that be a nice way to celebrate Beijing Olympic?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 17 七月, 2008.


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