The Basic idea of Static Wheel

In ideal condition, since the static charge is insulated, therefore it seldom require the Power Supply circuit to replenish it. But the wheel will keep rotating, and the output of this wheel can lead to the rotation of a Generator, thus electricity is produced.


One would also question whether this example is violating the law of conservation of energy, since the theoretical output could be greater than input.

The Process:
1. Charge is pumped to the charge holder using power source.
2. Charge holder held the electrostatic charge.
3. The metal plate in the middle would respond by producing charge opposite to charge in the charge holder. The location of the charge holder is such that the total electrostatic attraction forces would resulted in net force in one direction. (It may take experiments to determine where we could produce the greatest resultant force.)
4. Unbalance torques thus cause the metal plate to rotate.
5. The Rotor thus turn.

(We could also replace electrostatic charge with electromagnetic coil, but the disadvantage is that electromagnetic coil require constant supply of electrical energy, while former cost less in terms of electrical energy.)

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 18 七月, 2008.


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