The question on spiraling tunnel

Is that since a spiraling tunnel take longer time for fluid to descend from the top, does it absorb more gravitational energy as a result? Compare water falling downhill directly and water falling through a spiraling tunnel, which of them would have higher velocity at their common ground? If we accept the classic gravitational field theory, we could assert that since gravitational field is conservative field, it doesn’t matter which path does an object took from one potentiality to another potentiality. However, if we consider the possibility that gravity could be quantized, then the path it took affect the gain of kinetic energy from gravity, it do so by changing the amount of time the object to reach one level of potentiality to another level of potentiality. Ideally speaking, if we can ignore air friction, then we can use this experiment to find out the exact timing of gravitational field.


~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 七月 19, 2008.


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