To have more fun with China’s Great Firewall(2)

Chinese character confer a special advantage which no other languages can give with respect to the Great Firewall of China. Not that Chinese is not native to the computer like English, but there are two subsets of Chinese character and more than one encoding for each of them, plus the UTF encoding. As implied here, if intended encoding of the webpage is differ from what the censorship software ‘expected’ of the webpage, then no censorship could take place since there is no way for the censorship software to know the right encoding. Now, other than that, since each Chinese character is represented by 2 bytes, and if we reverse the order of it then there is no way for censorship to happen. Or, we could switch one byte with the next Chinese character(or switch every first 3 bit from odd character to the last 3 bit of even character). We could also treat the 16 bits as number to operated on. After we ‘encrypted’ the Chinese message like this, what we need to do is just to leave a clue(in the webpage or separate place) on how to reverse-engineering the original message, we could even write simple program to automate the process. Now if all this is implemented and software is available for every Netizen of China, then we can blow a hole in China’s Great Firewall by increase the computation resource it needed at least a thousand times.
Hacker, let’s mark 2008/8/8 as Global Hacker Insurgent against Censorship and Tyrant. Without the protection of Great Firewall, Chinese Communist Party, the greatest and last imperial empire will fall apart. Let Internet be free for all of humanity! Let humanity enter New Age without any bondage!

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 28 七月, 2008.

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