To have more fun with China’s Great Firewall(3)

To create even more trouble for the infamous Great Firewall of China which is the tool to suppress the freedom of thought/freedom of information and freedom of expression, there are limitless way. I would like to add to the complexity of the task of GFW: there are various way of inputting different subset of Chinese character like Simplex, Cantonese, 4-corners, first 3 stroke…. etc. So Chinese character could be simplified as far as to the input of a particular method, but the output. For instance democracy(民主) could be written as 口心(RP)2 卜土(YG)1, (Chinese Communist Party)中國共產黨 as 中(L)1 田一(WM)1 廿金(TC)1 卜一(YM)7 火火(FF) X1 (Simplex), which the last number could be display using diagram or picture. Now the GFW will not see anything abnormal about this as in a webpage since it can never understand the intentionality of each type of data. We then left with the task to write a simple program that interpret them as input, and output it as Chinese text.
For the more sophisticate type, the clue for inputting method should use anything but plain text.
To reverse engineering this ‘cipher’, the Great Firewall would have to know all encoding method and all Chinese inputting method, that would increase the time it took for 100 times.
(You can use it in combination with my other ideas to be more effective. I would prefer to add another layer of complexity by written the alphabet as number: 18.16.2 25.7.1 20.2.8 26.8.6 or 十八.十六.二 廿五.七.一 二十.二.八 廿六.八.六! )

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 1 八月, 2008.

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