My maze idea today

This idea applies to Pac-Man or any game using maze. Usually there is a power-up in the four corners of the maze so it could turn the role of Pac-Man to Ghost-eater. i.e. Originally it would have to avoid running in ghost for survival, now ghost would have to avoid it for survival. The task of the game is to eat all balls in the maze by passing through all the possible pathway in the maze.

My idea is that, instead of placing neutral ball along the pathway in the maze, there are positive power-up and negative power-down along the these balls. And each time they are distributed randomly with half and half. The idea of power-up is that when the Pac-Man running across a +(Yang) balls, it would increase its strength, therefore move faster, and when the strength is above certain threshold, it would be able to eliminate any ghost it encounter. On the other end, every time it running across – (Ying) balls, the strength of itself would decrease therefore it would move slower, and when the strength is below certain threshold, any ghost could eliminate it.

This illustrate the idea of dynamically changing advantage(Nobody has an absolute upper hand or lower hand for a fix period of time). So neither ghost or Pac-Man has an absolute advantage or disadvantage against each other. The advantage and disadvantage would change by the movement of Pac-Man. The goal of the game is either it visited four corners of the maze, to eat all the balls or eaten all the Ghost. It is like a new kind of game mixing the idea of chess and computer game.

(One complexity we can add into the game is either the Pac-Man can endure so much power-up that it will explode or adding the power-up above the maximum threshold doesn’t affect the status of Pac-Man at all. )

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 8 八月, 2008.


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