Prohercy, Signs and Interpretation of a vision

In according to my vision 16 years ago during my meditation, the following is my interpretation of it.

1. Christianity in the existing form is fundamentally wrong, it contradict with the laws of supernatural.
2. There will be an end of world within my generation, to prepare the way for New Age.
3. WWIII will happen before the change, absolutely terrible.
4. Before New Age comes, there will be War, Famine, Chaos, Disease.
5. Energy is infinite in its amount, and it is everywhere.
6. I am an agent and massager for this change, yet I am not messiah, I can only help those who want to help themselves to accept this change.
7. After this change, I will lost this pre-cognitive ability.
8. The change will arrive in an unanticipated way and in a form unable to predict by existing common-sense or science.

I see Beijing Olympic is the sign which this prophecy is fulfilled. By cooperating with the evil Chinese Communist Party the Western world has blood on their hands. The Olympic torch is in the color red, symbolize blood and war. Since it traveled around the global, that symbolize bloodshed and war will spread around the global which Beijing Olympic is the root cause. There will not be an Olympic Games in the future due to this causation.

How 4 is fulfilled:
War between Russia and Georgia has brought out the first day in Beijing Olympic. Oil and energy crisis is the underlying cause, but the hostility base on difference of culture and language between Western Europe and Russia is also the cause, and also because Communist China is notorious for its disrespect for honesty and truth, therefore Georgia will not honor the Olympic Pact.
Communist China is what brought this Age into the final chapter, and one sign of New Age would be the dismantle of Chinese Communist Party. It is the root cause of evil in this Age!

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 3 九月, 2008.


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