The thought of the idea of Prophecy

I had the benefit of born in cultures which heavily influenced by Buddhist Philosophy, therefore my inquiry into the idea of Prophecy has an headstart compare to people in non-Buddhist culture. To have a coherent world and to be logical, Prophecy is a special information object that doesn’t disrupt the original chain of causality(which it assume there is only one world but not many exists parallel to each other.)  So we can likewise identify information object which has such a special property,

The logics are actually very simple:
A. There is only one future,
B. Prophecy allow an information travel backward from future to now,
If Prophecy can change future, then it follow that the Prophecy itself is either invalid, or at worst, it destroy the chain of causality which lead to the existence of Prophecy itself. Since neither is allowed to exists logically, then it follows that Prophecy is a self-servicing information object which seeds its only existence, or at least it always produce an effect that will not destroy the chain of causality lead to formation of itself. In other words, Prophecy is something never change the future.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 11 九月, 2008.


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