Capitalism’s effect on evolution

My hypothesis: Because in Capitalism medical industry tend to maximize its profit by selling drugs to who is not necessary(i.e. Healthy people), United States has become an over-medicated society. And as a consequence of over production and over consumption of drugs(especially Generic Drug), bacteria and virus has higher chance to expose to these drugs and develop resistance against them. Therefore, as a result, Capitalism increase the fatality of virus!

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 5 十一月, 2008.

一個回應 to “Capitalism’s effect on evolution”

  1. Not quite. To maximize the profit, the drug producers will rather make those “life-improving drugs". The research of medical-use drugs are too expensive and too lengthy.

    If fatality of virus really increases, there is a much simpler explanation: To survive in a cleaner environment, virus just needs to be more rough.


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