The speech should have given in Model UN

Hello Friends,

How a twist of fate when I am representing Kazakhstan in the Model UN meeting, Belgium is a member of ‘UN Committee on Decolonization’. Since Hong Kong was a British colony, and the one delegate from a Canadian school question about my heavy accent. I thus gave him a speech that I should have given to the delegate of other nationals.

My fellow delegate from all over the world,
I would like to ask for your forgiveness for the duration of this meeting, since I realize my accent is too heavy. My accent is so heavy because I was coming from an ex-colony. My native language is considered a second class language ever after the colonization is over, what is the fault of my native language? How ashamed that I felt when I am giving such a speech in anything but my native language? Why must you endure my poor accent in here? Isn’t that fault of colonizer who rape my country, even our own language? How would the same world prohibited slave trade, but still tolerate the torture given to many parts of the world known as colonies?
So I urge my fellow delegate, to abandon colony in its totality. All existing colony should either entrusted to UN, or given a right to autonomy by Universal Suffrage. Colonization, like slavery, doesn’t fit with the ideal of equality, freedom and liberality; must be ended completely and totally!

(At that time of making this speech, the colony I had in mind is Hong Kong. Hong Kong was NEVER given a chance to decide our own future. As long as Chinese Communist Party is in power, NONE of any Chinese citizen has the right to decide the future of their own country. The one true way to guarantee democracy, freedom and liberality in Hong Kong is when Hong Kong is an independent country running its own affair, or a new Federation of China is established.)


~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 9 一月, 2009.


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