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Remember Edison Chen scandal which HKSAR do its best to remove indecent video from the Internet because Edison Chen’s father is rich and has connection with Chinese Communist Party?
Now we have Edison Chen II. YOUTUBE SUPPRESS the speech freedom of atheist activist: OhMyGod, who file the famous indecency complain against Christian Bible in Hong Kong. He has just recently made an ‘indecent’ animation of the Bible and upload it to YOUTUBE. Then within 24 hours and 7000 hits, YOUTUBE ban the account of OMG and delete his video WITHOUT any reason stated, so do That is YOUTUBE is working hard to be a standard-complaint ‘new media’ included in the renew of indecency law(so-called Article 23 of the Internet).
The background of the story:
Hong Kong recently embroiled into the controversy of granting the same legal protection to the victim of domestic violence to GLBT member. Although this law has nothing to do with recognizing Gay marriage, Christian right see it as an attack on ‘Family value’.

Please post this ‘indecent’ video as a protest against the CENSORSHIP of YOUTUBE!

Atheist Activist


~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 一月 15, 2009.


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