A few Directions on our war against YOUTUBE censorship

(From: http://euler.truthbible.net/index.php?entry=entry090127-232143)
1. Continue to apply for new account to upload the banned animation, then email me or Ohmygod@truthbible, post the link to youtube video in your website/blog. Please state in CLEAR and concise manner that the link to youtube video is what you just uploaded, and place also the link to banned video. We perfer YOUTUBE for several reasons:
A. To embrasses YOUTUBE;
B. To act as undeniable evidence that YOUTUBE has exercise censorship base on the content of the uploaded video.

2. Use email/telephone/fax to complain against YOUTUBE’s censorship at its Hong Kong substation in Chinese, and in English to the mother company of YOUTUBE: Google in USA. Please send us a copy as an evidence that a complain is lodged against YOUTUBE, to prevent YOUTUBE using time to dilute the negative effect on its own misbehavior.

3. Complain that to Media, Newspaper, TV/Radio station in your country, and email/fax one to me or OMG as a reference. Then you can place the complain in your website/blog along with the name of media/reporter; that is to give the media public press. And let us identify who is truly speaking for the people.

4. Ask the Atheist/Secularist/Humanist/Liberal of all nations to translate this banned Bible animation to their own language and upload to the YOUTUBE server located at their own country. That is extending the effect of 1 globally. We could also initialize the competition for the Best Bible Animation, to make truthbible the hub for Global Atheism/Secularism/Humanism/Liberalism. Let’s make Banned Bible Animation a symbol of speech freedom!

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 28 一月, 2009.



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