Donald Tseung’s Game on ‘Reforming’ of censorship system


Now I had been busy waging war against YOUTUBE’s indecent censorship of Atheist video(Bible animation), maybe it would tempt some of you to think I care only about the right and interest of atheist. Actually, how can I not aware of the pointless dispute in domestic violence ordinance waged by self-righteous Christian Right, but the acute concern is about HKSAR’s consultation paper on reforming(strengthening) censorship, or the so-called Article 23 of the Internet.It is trivial to see what Communist China’s plan in mind: First, Article 23 of the Internet; then copy the Article 23 from Macau, and lastly the Universal Suffrage completely under Communist China’s control. That is to tilt the playing field to the favor of Chinese Communist’s favor, namely DAB. This assignment either to be done by Donald Tseung, or the one replace him as the puppet head of HKSAR.

What is the game plan of Donald Tseung?
We can’t assume that HKSAR doesn’t know that such a proposal of strengthening censorship bodies would met with fierce opposition from liberals and Netizens, giving Pro-Democratic politician a handy cause to relay support after Edison Chen’s scandal.So the same storyline once again, BIG battle between Pro-Democratic and Pro-Beijing political parties; which giving another chance for the rising star of Pro-Democratic camp: League of Social Democrat to bring the battle to the footstep of conservative politician’s door literally. At the battle field of Legislative Council, what Donald Tseung is looking at the logical consequence of blood fight: All proposal to slightly change the government’s proposal are shut down by partisanship, allowing the original proposed reform of censorship passed.

Or what Donald Tseung’s strategy is making the demand of the strengthening the censorship system so high that he don’t expect that to be truly implemented. He would then pretend to give it to the demand of Pro-Democratic parties and liberal in the middle, which is what original expected, so he is playing ‘hard to get’. Since the opening demand is so high: ISP filter the content before it reach any Netizen, when yield to the middle by ‘public pressure’ already fulfill his goal(like mandate filtering software for each parent demanded from ISP), then later Communist China can work behind the door with the software manufacture by expanding the keyword list. If this play well, his rating may boost despite a crack is already placed in the liberality of HKSAR.

The last case scenario is a familiar one just like Article 23. When he start the consultation of reforming the censorship system, what he expect is a dogfight by left and right so the proposal end up rejected. Such a would further deepen the wound between left and right, but the consequence would be the trouble of predecessor and Communist China, so it is not his concern. He satisfy the demand of Communist China by left the existing censorship system that is tilted to the favor of conservative intact, he step further to remain in the status quo.

This is the troublesome reality which HK is looking at. By simple logical extrapolation, Universal Suffrage can’t wait until 2012 or 2017 if it is to be implemented by HKSAR under Communist China’s rule.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 28 一月, 2009.


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