Yet another Idea on Chinese input method

Now this idea is truly about how to increase the efficiency and the speed of inputing Chinese character. Not that I am going to suggest a new paradigm to input Chinese without using keystrokes which each keystroke is associated with certain aspect of the Chinese character, I am thinking in the direction which the program can dynamically alter the correspondence table which the Chinese input method rely on. For instance, much like search engine would provide search suggestion while the user is entering the inquiry using statistically method, this new paradigm of Chinese input method would ‘learn from the experience’ of the pattern of how this Chinese input is used by this user, then dynamically place the most frequent choice in the front as priority choice in order to save user’s time to look for the Chinese character which s/he is typing.(Or to learn more complex pattern of the input given all of us have enough computing cycle that we waste.)

This innovation require three components:

A. A correspondence table that can be dynamical updated by D each time it is loaded;

B. A recorder and counter program to run in the background whatever this Chinese input method is called. It would record the frequency of the user’s choice of Chinese character everytime and keep a database with various variables.

C. A statistic program to analyze the data collected in B. It could be ranged from simplest implementation like taking the most frequent choice as the preferred choice by moving it to the front or more difficult implementation involve Bayesian statistical method. 

D.  By applying the result gathered from A to compare against the fixed criteria provided by programmer, this module update the content inside A so A would be optimized for this user.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 15 四月, 2009.


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