The evolution of unconscious mind: Writing email during dream?

I would think the case which a woman found writing email during her sleep-walking demonstrate the unique advantage of human being compare to other species. That is I never heard of case which mice run through the maze during slept, or horse ran from place to place during dream. It appears to me that not just our conscious mind is capable to restructure itself by learning, so do our unconscious mind.
It has been traditional thought unconscious to be a more primitive mind that is incapable of performing logical operation. Human unconscious mind is richer than we once thought. I suspect it is easier for human being to ‘transfer’ knowledge/skills from conscious mind to unconscious. i.e. It is easier for us to form complex habit, thus make room for us to entertain even more complex and abstract thought. So logically, the next question would be how many skills that are master by unconscious mind that we don’t know of?
Monkey or ape maybe able to learn as fast as human being during conscious, but I am doubtful if they can perform the same trick while they are sleeping.  Since it take them relatively longer to move the same knowledge/skill from conscious mastery to unconscious automation. That maybe the unique human trait(less differentiation between conscious mind/unconscious mind led to more case of schizophrenia?)

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 30 四月, 2009.


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