My idea of hydrallic driven elavator

Now it is trendy to invent energy saving items, so I design this new elevator for solve the age old dilemma of balancing weight. The idea behind balancing weight is to increase the easiness of lifting an elevator,  at the price of paying back the same amount of potential energy it saved on its upward motion. Is there a way to save energy on upward motion without compensate in the downward motion?

There are several ways to approach this problem: First, we can made the weight of balancing weight variable in according to the direction of motion for the goal of energy saving; Second is to change the way which these two interact with each other. I save the later for another article. Now, how to change the weight of balancing weight so it would be heaviest when the elevator is going up and lightest when the elevator is going down?

Easy, by using the waste water pump out of each level; we now need a collection facilitate for collecting all the waste water from each apartment of each level; and also not a very complicate system to intelligently decide the amount of waste water used during each passage of elevator. Assume such a system is in place, then the balancing weight is actually a metallic cylinder allowing waste water to be collected. When the elevator is travelling upward, the rule of thumb is to increase the balancing weight as much as possible; and when the elevator is going back, the waste water in the cylinder is expelled through its opening in the bottom, which then  going to the public sewage processing  system.

How would such an idea to be implemented?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 31 五月, 2009.


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