Reminding System for Bus passager

It is a common scene that many passagers slept when they take a bus. I suppose it wouldn’t be surprise to find out that Hong Kong citizen would be the most likely to slept in public transportation(compare to US citizen who perfer to read novel.) However, that would place passager in a delimma since s/he could easily oversleep thus missing the destination.

My solution to this problem is my Reminding  System for Bus passager or RSB. The system is exceedingly simple to build with IC but not CPU. When a passager board a bus, there is a screen in front of him/her; s/he can thus enter his/her destination  by rolling a mouse point or using a touchpad. (Former is easy to wore down and later is more resilent.) For every click/forward/backward motion of the ball, it would add or minus a value in the IC stored there; and the name or details of that station is retrived from the central databus thus displayed. After the passager chose the destination and clicked confrim on screen, then this value is stored in the IC. As the bus driver arrived at each station, s/he press a button to changed the value stored in the master IC. A simple electrical circuit is then use to compare the value stored in individual IC and central IC, once it detected an exact match, it would then activate the alert system. The alert system could be as simple as Electric shock system with high voltage and little current in the form of ring which passager could wear on their wrist. It would alert the passager  using series of mild electric shocks.

This system would cost much lesser to build than a fully computerized system with expansive hardware and custom-tailored software on monopolized Operating System, and it serve the purpose of making sure the passager could enjoy a light sleep during the travelling.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 31 五月, 2009.


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