Protect the education of evolution and real sciences in Hong Kong!


To Education Bureau, HKSAR Government,

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the future of science education in Hong Kong, strongly object to the confusion of religion and science education, and petition that immediate action is taken by the Bureau to:

1. Issue open statement to emphasize the teaching of sciences and evolution’s underpinning importance in biology, to allow students learn the best of scientific knowledge, to distinguish what is scientific theories from what is not (E.g. Creationism and Intelligent Design), and review the curriculum along this direction. Education Bureau should clarify what kind of discussions is encouraged in science class, and emphasize the purpose of such discussions is to be in accordance with the aim of science education.

2. Clarify the position of Education Bureau on the matter. On the RTHK Program “The Pulse" on April 24, 2009, the Bureau made a statement saying “Creationism is not considered as an alternative to Darwin’s theory". To be consistent, a similar open statement that declares “Intelligent Design is not considered as an alternative to Darwin’s theory" should be issued.

3. Rectify the damaging remarks by school principals, teachers and the group of 62, which distort science and advocate the teaching of pseudo-sciences. These people are being dishonest in using Intelligent Design/Creationism proponents’ materials without disclosing the source (thus their Intelligent Design/Creationism position) to the public and legislative council.

We thank you for taking time to read this letter and will very much appreciate your prompt response. We wish to work together for the best of education in Hong Kong.

(Instructions for signers:
1. Sign with your real name in English, all caps for surname / family name (e.g. CHAN Po-Ming, TSE Johnny etc)
2. Show the district you live in, such as “Kwun Tong", “Tai Po" or “Lantau Island" etc.
3. Provide method of contact (it will not be shown on the petition publicly, and is only for the group committee’s use to contact you if needed).
4. Sign once only — if you are not sure or a failure occurred midway, check the signatories when you revisit the site to see if you have successfully signed.
5. Invite your friends to sign this petition, to help protecting science education in Hong Kong. Thank you very much for your support.)




1. 發表公開聲明,強調科學教育中科學方法和演化論的重要性,使學生學習最佳的科學知識,區分什麼是科學的理論,什麼不是(如創造論和智慧設計),並沿著這的方向審查課程。教育局應明確指出在科學課鼓勵什麼樣的討論,並強調這種討論須根據科學教育的目的。

2. 澄清教育局在事件上的立場。2009年4月24日教育局在香港電台節目「The Pulse」發表聲明說:「創造論不被認為是達爾文理論外的其他解釋」。為貫徹始終,當局須發表類似的公開聲明,說明:「智慧設計論不被認為是達爾文理論外的其他解釋」。

3. 糾正一些校長,教師和62人團體的破壞性言論,因為它們歪曲科學,倡導教授偽科學。這些人不誠實地使用智慧設計/創造論支持者的材料,但從不向公眾和立法會透露其來源(從而隱瞞他們的智慧設計/創造論立場)。


1. 請用你的真實英文姓名,姓氏須全部大寫(如CHAN Po-Ming, TSE Johnny等)。
2. 顯示您所住區域,如「觀塘」, 「大埔」或「大嶼山」等。
3. 提供聯絡方法(它不會出現在公開的請願書,只用於幹事聯絡閣下(如有需要))。
4. 請只簽署一次 — 如有不肯定或中途發生故障,請重新訪問網站和檢查簽署頁,看看是否已經成功簽署。
5. 邀請您的朋友簽署這項請願書,以協助維護香港的科學教育。感謝你的支持。)

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 1 六月, 2009.


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