Static elevator system?

Last time I introduce a problem of energy efficiency in all elevator, namely that the gravitational potential energy gained by having a balancing weight on the process of elevator going upward is lost on its way back. So I suggests two way to ‘resolve’ this technicality: First is by making the balancing weight adjustable; Second is to changing how the balancing weight is interacting with the elevator. Needn’t me make explicit my design, some intelligent reader may already in the same train of thought as I: To pass the tension generated by the balancing weight, it is not necessary to put the elevator and balancing weight in the same cable.
One we made this conceptual breakthrough, then it follow the logic that we can separate the gravitational force and how that acting on the subject by using a tension transferring system to transfer the tension produce by gravity acting on balancing weight. That system could be as simple as pairing of electromagnet and iron wheel, or more complicate system like magnet and electromagnet using the generator effect. With this system we can now fine tune how the tension produced by the balancing weight affect the cable carrying the elevator, i.e. the timing, quantity and direction of the force.
Suppose we now have this system in place so we turn on and turn off the effect of tension produced by the balancing weight on the cable carrying the elevator. However, we are still one step from using the tension produced by the balancing weight disentangled with the nature gravitational energy because what goes up must goes down. My suggested design is couple the wheel driving the elevator with unidirectional gear and break down the upward/downward motion of it to thousandth. Now imagine when the elevator is going upward,given the balancing weight is ten to hundred times of the expected weight of elevator, then the weight of the elevator is transferred to the balancing weight resulting in minimal downward motion. Suppose we now locked the elevator, turn off the tension transferring system and allow the balancing weight to bounce back using elasticity of the cable or other mechanism. So now the balancing weight is on the same position while the elevator has moved upward.The process is then repeat itself until the elevator reach its uppermost point; and when elevator is going downward, we simply turned off the tension transferring system. Thus we had extract the energy from gravitational field to move the elevator by clever engineering, we could probably saved 70%-80% of the energy cost of the elevator.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 4 六月, 2009.


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