June 4 in chess?

Since communist owner of China dislike people to hear about 6×4, to talk about 6y4 or to write about 6z4. Wouldn’t it at least allow the owned the freedom to play 6*4 as a chess game? Why that must be a material for everlasting life and death power struggle within Communist Party of China, but not be converted into something as constructive and as light as chess game?

Since this game is named as 64 chess, then it follow that it must have 8*8 square. To mimic the socio-political situation of ‘Communist’ China, each square is randomly assigned a number from 1 to 6, that is everything from land  to sex slave to human organ of this great nation has a price tag.

The objective of this game is to collect(or exploit) the score following the rules decided by the Almighty father of this game(land): ME. Just like the post-June 4 governorship of Communist China, the goal of every living being or organism must that be or scoring the most by raping the weaker party, be it natural resource, human power or culture heritage. Therefore this game end when all players had make altogether 64 moves.

All players started from corners of the game board, much like how the Communist China place its ‘citizen’ in dark concern. Each play take turn in throwing a dice to get a number. Now unless it is six or four then the player have no choice but to move in one direction of four or six step; otherwise the player can move in any direction within a single step using six or four minus the number they got from the dice. Of course, just like in reality, anyone in their way is killed and the accumulated score would be the takers. However, the player needed to beware of six or four People’s Square in the game board. Just like every People’s item in Communist China, you dare to steal from triad then you are die, when your score divided by ratio of distance from the People’s Square. Just like when in June 4, you dare to stand in the Square. Not just that, when your chess is any of the negibhor of  People’s Square, your score would be deduced every turn of the number in your square.

How to score? Every time you landed in a square with either 6 or 4 in it then you got 24; otherwise you got a score equal to the number of steps you moved multiply by the number in the square of final destination.

To win, just like in every capitalistic society, when you got the highest amount of money/score, you win!

(Prohibited this idea to commercialize by anyone under the regime of Communist China, doesn’t that Communist ideology prevent any exploitation except those from the state machinery?)

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 8 六月, 2009.



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