My invention better than this


shockabsorberMaybe last last last last weekend when I chatted with a forigener from USA, I am shocked to find out that an invention that is in the same genre of mine had been adopted by an US car manufacturer. The basic idea is to turn the vibration created by the bumpiness of road into electrical energy via the only principle of electrical generation. Then when I verify it in the library, I heard that Germany and Israel is planning  to adopt that idea in large scale at highways. For the sake of increasing the difference of level of vertical expansion and contact of the highway when a vehicle is passed or when nothing is on top, the orderly German may travel in group. As for Israelites, would the bridge capable of identify Palestinian vehicle from Jewish one so to divide the energy fairly just like how they handle the land of paradise?

Of course I am writing here because I think my invention is way ahead of this(so it is much more difficult to build). My invention coming from my thought experiment of dropping a magnet to an electromagnetic coil in a tunnel. After a series of painstaking calculation I discover the reaction depending on the ratio of mass of magnet to Max. Resistance/Voltage  affordable by the  electromagnetic coil. Then I am wondering if it is possible in theory for the magnet to rebound then fall again when a suitable ratio is chosen plus the electromagnetic coil is only permitted to generate electricity in a single direction with very precise timing control. The calculation had show it is possible, therefore in theory we can harvest gravitational energy indefinitely through my invention.

Anyone like to try their hand on this idea?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 8 六月, 2009.


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