Mingpao owned by Microsoft?

As an atheist, I notice something that rightly qualify for supernatural explanation: After Christian Right’s Religiously political advertisement appears in it, then the standard of accepting letters from writer drops specifically for those clearly affiliate with Christian Right groups like Society of Truth and Light, Sex Culture Society….etc. Of so many phenomenas that Christian Right love to ‘mistaken’ correlation as causation, it would exclude the rise of Christian Right and appearance of Christian Right ‘column’ in MingPao which is generally regard as a newspaper for Intellectuals.
Now, how I would be surprised that when MingPao reporting an Atheist Activist who joined me in both 2.15 and 7.1 demonstration, the reporter photograph only his own computer running Window-XP but not my friends’ computer which is running Linux? Specifically, he was running Ubuntu on his Eee PC when he was uploading the news clips, newspaper cutting about June 4 massacre. Since that would put this popular Linux distribution in a favorable light, how could MingPao not thought of ‘protecting the reputation’ of Microsoft?
It similarly happened when Microsoft just release the poorly received Window-XP which MingPao use the title ‘That would cause massive Dumping of old hardware’. Given the news of issue of DRM and privacy concerns never appears in MingPao(or any newspaper in HK), no wonder MingPao can make such a natural inference: When Microsoft release an Operating System ,every computer own MUST wanting it badly more than citizen demanding Universal Suffrage in HKSAR?
Certainly, this ‘intellectual’ newspaper would also conveniently forgot that given the nature of closed source of any of commercial Operating System and the precedent of Microsoft search engine censor ‘Democracy, Liberty, June 4’ in China domain, Microsoft could have develop a DRMed version of Operating System which including components that is silently collect the user’s behavior on the Internet, and then alert the Public Security Department in Beijing. Netizen who just post an anonymous satirical comment about the rule of Communist Party would be detained in the midnight and executed without anyone notice. That is what Mingpao think what intellectual in HKSAR shouldn’t know.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 15 六月, 2009.



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