A call to arms for all Chinese Netizens

(Rather shot for standing up, never knee for survival!)
(Onward, global Netizens, it is your turn to change the course of human history and return dignity to every mankind!)

Hello,the Internet censorship/Thought Police division of Chinese Communist Party. We are a group of anonymous Netizens.We have been watching you on what you did to the China domain of Internet which is originally intended for free exchange of information: You block website and IP out of your temper and to your pleasure, you use advance technology to monitor the transaction of every bits and bytes, you use all medias for the sake of propaganda , you distort the perception of public opinion by employing so called ‘Public Opinion Guidance’. All these is sealed in our mind. As your defamation against Google and force the installation of Greendam censorship software on all newly brought computer offer us irrefutable evidence of your intention to fully control every bits and bytes flowing in every computers of China. We therefore unanimously decided to launch a full scale attack on the State machinery responsible for limiting the freedom of Internet within China.

The is for protecting the feeble, despicable freedom left on the China domain of Internet, that is for the sake of guarding the progress of integration of human civilization with the Internet. We need to protect our inalienable right of information in the Internet,we are going to systematically ruining every electronic and organic component of the censorship appliance, just to demonstrate how feeble are you in front of the power of millions of infuriated Netizens , you are only no. 1 enemy of freedom. We would wage an ongoing warfare until you have exhaust every lies and means of deception. Mao’s People warfare shall be adapted and will overwhelming the running dogs of Chinese communist Party. Your so-called slogan and old-fashion propaganda should no longer works on us. You are clueless toward the Internet and what it implies so you pretend that is for the sake of (your) future. The is the ringing of Death bell to you. You can’t hide since we are everywhere, state-sanctioned violence can’t rescue you. Whatever one of us is fallen, ten of other will join us; failure only make us grew stronger and resilient toward the Disease which is the State itself. We are all familiar with your common tactic against Chinese citizen: You would draw a line to separate us as the minority of minority from the general public, then label us criminally-insane just like how you treat dissidents of all kind. You isolate and attack one by one of us. That is an acceptable lose in face of total war against the People of China, we encourage you to react as fierce as you can. Since your cruel and irrational action speak volume compare to your voice. It only amounts to drop your pant before you rape everyone of us again and again while you can never achieve an orgasm.

As the human civilization continue to the develop in the rein with Internet,the fear of so-called ruling elite toward Internet streaming from an obsolete ideology toward the rising power of Netizen,your monitoring and blocking of China domain of Internet,all that only demonstrate your fear of the historical trend, and shall become the last fruitless struggle before you bury under the progressive force of Psychohistory. Those who want to turn the Earth backward in its orbit is destinate to be in the Trash can of history. Despite your suffocating vein is still replace by new supplement, the Internet is what beyond your capability of understanding. We may admire your never-changing fabrication of conspiracy theories against those who aware of the truth of China in Cultural Revolution style out of nostalgia ,we will joke at your attempt to make domain out of the boundless Internet since history would laugh at all stupidities. That is what we shall inform you in full honesty:

We have no interest in taking the failing political power of you,we are not interest in your fruitcake ideology nor power structure. You simply can’t understand how humanity become an inseparable part of the Internet and how the history of old world just melt away. You simply can’t understand how nationalism and racism dissolve in the era of Internet. You can’t change your ignorance of the Internet, you regime can never compare to us, we are not friends nor enemies of any nations, the biggest enemy your face will be within every part of you. Your corruption and alienation have pave the way to grave for you. We are not interested to what shall be pass in the history as trash. You can’t reverse the change implies by advent of Internet, which is what whole humanity is heading. Actually, we don’t even mind that you pull the plug of the cable connecting China to world in the bottom of Pacific Ocean; The more you attempt to reverse the course of history, you merely create more contradictions within and outside yourself, you merely fan the fire of rebellions against your dictatorship everywhere, all your effort will only sum to the total alienation and annihilation . The sun shall rise and shine only those who are not afraid of tomorrow.

We are anonymous Netizen, we are the sum total of global Netizen, we are one but many. We shall dominate the Internet, we do not negotiate, we are uncountable, the failure of one of us merely implies many other become part of us. We are everywhere, we can do the impossible, we are irresistible, we don’t have weakness but shall exploit every weakness of the State machinery. We are the humanity which beneath the mask of every Netizen, we are the mirror which entail humanity. We all born free and equal, we are legions, we don’t forgive nor forget.

Let freedom rule the Internet!

Expect us, We shall be there.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 26 六月, 2009.

一個回應 to “A call to arms for all Chinese Netizens”


    I assume the pictures may contain instructions on how to conduct this rebellion that can be decrypted using stereography software with suitable keys(only Heaven will know), but that is not important to general public.

    It is of utmost important for the message to receive its audience.



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