Why reality must be stranger than fiction?

This is an excellent example to demonstrate the difference inherent in the cognition of Physical reality and cognition of reality as constructed by novel. Generally speaking, former is determine by interaction of bottom up process and top bottom process as stated in Cognitive Psychology; while the later is determine singly by utilize only the top bottom process. The discrepancy between two would result in the sense of ridiculous or funny, so either process would have to adjust to the result of another to eliminate the cognitive dissonance. Therefore, Physical reality must necessarily more complex than fiction.

Bottom up process refer to how our mind construct the abstract representation of reality by using the information gather from basic sense like lightness, tone, shape and movement of stimulus. For instance, to see the sum total of all basic components of letter A as the A in the alaphbeta. Top Bottom process refer to the process of infering the stimulus should have present by using one’s understanding and theories/hypothesis of how Physical reality operate.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 12 十月, 2009.



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