Dream: SMOK-6 operation

During cold war, a secret operation operated by MI6/CIA where a general heading all of it. There is a disruption in communication between the communication of there and somewhere, so the general is paranoid enough or using that as an excuse to wage a new war. He jokingly say there could be evidence for part of the operation, of part of the operation is planning to wage SMOK-6 warfare against Russian in Angola, a secret warfare that is unknown to general public or the army.  It is so difficult to persuade the general to stand down, and we felt like we have done a great job for the sake of public interest. The main vehicle is an ultra-plane coded name 506 that could transfer man and goods between here and there within half hour, which again is unbeknown forms of transportation unknown to public or even the army.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 8 五月, 2010.



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