Dream: A trip with Magda and Bonny

(他們是海地在美國的移民。They are both Haitian immigrant living in USA. )

The dream was rather short and concise, or that is how much I could remember.  There is little or no conversation that I can recall. It is like we are in a school trip or something. The place is a cross between school and prison. I see only Magda and Bonny although it appears to me that the plot of the dream seems to contain many of my friends which I made in Judson College. It also appears to me that both of them is driving something between a private car/big bus. But what kind of vehicle took two drivers?

I seem to be a kind of luggage or the first one to be in car. Since I don’t know how to drive so I don’t think I am driving a car following them. Anyhow, I seems to be the first one to respond and the first one to be ready for the mission. For all the time I was outside the school which doesn’t remember anything inside the ‘school’. So after we waited for everyone to get into the bus/car, then we rush out. I call it a rush out because the bus/car almost hit the door of the school, and the last one who exit the school doesn’t even brother to close it. What I can understand the conservation  between Magda and Bonny is when she ask him to drive slower and be careful. So I felt like this is a kind of emergency/disaster so we are in panic. Yet at the same time I admire Magda and Bonny for being calm, and better prepared than me emotionally and intellectually, that is much to my surprise since I think I am the one with greatest control of my emotions. Magda and Bonny seems to the one who organize the exit, and it appears  to me that the only ‘rational’ solution for this emergency/disaster is running away from it. There are something odd in the plot of the dream, being so prepared and calm and well planned, because the school gate which look so similar to those in prison/mental health hospital/border between two countries, beside nobody has open it. It appears to me we are going to knock down the unguarded iron fence. Or maybe nobody has the key to open the gate? So are we in an escape or a trip?

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 9 五月, 2010.



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