Driving with Koei Sakamoto

Driving really wild in a fancy Japanese parking lot for a few level, fully automatic. Until we stop, 3 dogs is barking, and they line up when we paused.

I don’t know for what reason our car carry jar of burnt remain of human bone, which a black lady is carrying them. I understand how she is so scared of the driving and those jar. I understand them both, the wild and the good girl.
Inside the room we rent, I sleep on the top and he sleep beneath. I sleep very comfortably and was dreaming of flying around without wing. Then when I was awake I saw him sleep comfortably below. There was three beds stack together. I was at the top, she is in the middle and he is in the lowest. I discover that she fail to sleep for obvious reason: Her bed is almost completely occupied by jars of human bone, and she was trying to sleep with a jar in hand. She can’t sleep while she is sitting in the bed while holding jar of bone in her hand. I am not surprise she is scared. I naturally comfort her, talk to her, then kiss her. We kiss very gently which doesn’t go too much further since I am not in the mood for love-making. I, however, can know she is very excited.
I was in a trip to the outer space with my Flying Dragon flying machine. While Japanese develop a super-efficient fuel rocket, I essentially use the idea of inertial propulsion by spinning using fluid dynamic. It was a science project to do test many of today’s Physics basic assumption. I am extremely excited about living in space. This flying machine was extremely energetic. Unlike other spacecraft that fully rely on gravitational force, it has its own unlimited power. I am not afraid of encounter any alien spacecraft since my technology maybe more advance than them. How can such a spacecraft without any weapon? If I short-circuit those energy-developer battery, I got enough energy to blow up the whole universe. I could be so hostile yet I am having fun in the spacecraft, there is nothing more comfortable than living in space, seeing so many wonders. I am certain that many of my finding is right, that many observed phenomena violate the basic principles of Physics, since their basic framework is fundamentally wrong/illogical. I am taking a tour by spiraling around the sun, while it may take years for other spacecraft, mine only take days. I am not afraid that my spacecraft would drawn into the sun since my craft has its power source; but I did think it maybe for me to be engulf by the sun. It is where my last destination should be: Reunited with the cosmic consciousness.

~ 由 newnewhkcc1976 於 9 五月, 2010.



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